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Multi-wedge Belt Pulley

Product Description
A multi-ribbed pulley, also known as a multi-ribbed flange pulley, is a mechanical transmission device that is widely used in the transmission system of various heavy machinery and industrial equipment. The structural characteristics of multi-wedge pulleys are composed of multiple wedge-shaped belts, which are transmitted between two adjacent pulleys, often using multiple synchronous transmissions to achieve transmission torque, and additional functions can be used for transmission speed change or start-stop and so on.

V-belt pulley is a kind of transmission device in mechanical transmission, compared with the traditional Chinese V-pulley, multi-ribbed pulley has the following product advantages:

High transmission efficiency: the multi-wedge pulley adopts multiple belt transmission, the number of belts is large, the contact area is large, the friction coefficient is low, and the transmission efficiency is high.

High load carrying capacity: The multi-ribbed pulley can withstand large loads and impact forces. Due to the large width of the belt, it can disperse the load during the transmission process, so it has a strong load capacity.

Good stability: Because the multi-wedge pulley adopts a wedge-shaped belt, the belt is uniformly stressed, the torque transmission is smooth, the transmission process is more stable, and it has better control performance and power output balance.

Long life: multiple belts bear together, the belt wear is uniform, and the overall life is longer than the traditional V-pulley.

Good shock absorption effect: the friction coefficient of the multi-wedge pulley is small, and the vibration and shock during the transmission process will be reduced accordingly, and there is a good shock absorption effect.

Easy installation: The multi-ribbed pulley has a tapered snap design that requires less adjustment or maintenance.

Low noise: The movement of the multi-wedge pulley is smooth, and the noise is lower than that of the traditional V-pulley.

In general, the multi-ribbed pulley is a transmission device with excellent performance, high reliability and long service life, which is widely used in the transmission system of various heavy machinery and industrial equipment. It not only has excellent transmission efficiency and load capacity, but also has a high degree of reliability, stability and durability, can transmit torque efficiently and stably, and provide the best mechanical transmission solution.

Technical Parameters

Belt TypeB or 5L
Number of Grooves4
Outside Diameter (inches)7.87"
Pitch Diameter (inches)7.13"
Bore Size (inches)1-1/8"
Keyway Size1/4" x 1/8"
Set Screw Size3/8"-16
Weight (lbs)8.2

Product Usage

Vedge pulley is a kind of mechanical transmission device, which is widely used in the transmission system of various heavy machinery and industrial equipment, and its main uses include the following aspects:

Generator set: Vedge pulley is widely used in diesel generator sets, gas generator sets and other power generation equipment to transmit output power and torque between generator and engine.

Compressor: The multi-ribbed pulley is used in the transmission system of the compressor to transmit the speed and torque of the compressor to realize the compression and transportation of air, gas and other substances by the compressor.

Tire production machinery: V-edge pulleys are used in tire building equipment to transmit the power output of the motor, so that the related equipment of tire manufacturing in the equipment starts to rotate at the same time.

Machine tool: The multi-ribbed pulley is used in the transmission system on the machine tool to transmit the rotational power and torque of the spindle to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool.

Robot: The multi-ribbed pulley is used in the robot transmission system to transmit the power output of the motor, so that the robot can complete various actions and work tasks correctly and quickly.

In addition to the above application fields, multi-ribbed pulleys have a large number of applications in various industrial fields, and are widely used in mechanical transmission systems in chemical, mining, steel, electric power, metallurgy, papermaking and other fields.

Product Operation Guide

The multi-ribbed pulley is a mechanical transmission element, and some of the following operating guidelines need to be paid attention to when using it:

During installation, it should be ensured that the pulley and the center distance, tension and other parameters meet the requirements, so as to avoid low transmission efficiency, high noise or easy wear of the belt due to parameter mismatch.

When installing, the sliding seat or jack should be installed first, and the driven pulley should be adjusted and installed before adjusting the driven pulley to ensure that its center is parallel and in the same plane.

After installation, the tightness of the strap should be checked in time and adjusted to a suitable tension state. If the strap is loose, it should be adjusted at any time.

Check the running condition of the pulley's flange, anti-side cut and groove to ensure that the flatness and roughness meet the standard. If there is a problem that needs to be ground or dealt with in time.

Regularly check the wear of the belt and replace it when the wear span exceeds 25% of the width of the belt to prevent transmission failure caused by sharp and uneven curvature.

Regularly check and maintain the composite parts in the transmission system under working conditions, including running status, belt status, pulley wear, etc., to detect problems early and ensure the accuracy of transmission.

In general, the operation guide of the multi-wedged pulley needs to pay attention to the above aspects, which can ensure its normal and stable operation, while also extending its service life and improving its transmission efficiency.


How long does a multi-ribbed pulley last?

A: The life of multi-ribbed pulleys mainly depends on factors such as load and working conditions during use, generally speaking, their service life is longer than V-pulleys and can be used for many years.

How to check the degree of wear of the V-belt pulley?

A: The degree of wear can be checked by looking at the longitudinal cracks, cracks, spots and other marks of the tape. In addition to this, special gages can be used for inspection. If it is found that the wear is more serious, it should be replaced in time.

How to extend the life of a multi-ribbed pulley?

A: It has already been mentioned that checking the belt tension and adjusting it to the proper level is the key to extending the service life. In use, to avoid frequent changes and shocks in the tightness of the belt, adding suitable lubricants, and carrying out regular overhaul and maintenance are also some effective methods. The most important thing is to avoid situations such as overload and excessive wear.

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